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The Gordon Research Conferences bring together active researchers in a
given area of research for the purpose of in-depth discussion, including
the exchange of new and unpublished ideas and technology. The 1993
Conference on Hormone Action represents the 24th conference in the series.
The specific aim of this proposal is to obtain partial funding for the
Gordon Research Conference on Hormone Action. The conference will continue
to provide a forum for the latest advances in molecular and cellular
endocrinology. This is one of the few conferences that covers a wide
spectrum of hormone action including discussion of hormones which act
through plasma membrane receptors as well as hormones which act through
intracellular receptors. Nine sessions are planned which will cover a
cross section of hormone action. Several sessions will be devoted to
recent developments in the study of plasma membrane receptors and their
coupling to second messenger systems as well as the role of specific
protein kinases and calcium in regulating cellular activity. Other
sessions will examine steroid receptor structure, function and the
interaction of steroid receptors with other transcription factors. In
addition, the neuroendocrine regulation of gene expression will be the
topic of one session. Two poster sessions are also planned for the
conference. All participants will be invited to submit an abstract for the
poster session giving everyone the opportunity to present data and
participate in discussion. This conference brings together a diverse group
of individuals ranging from basic scientists studying molecular mechanisms
of hormone regulation, to physiologists and physician scientists
interested in the integrative actions of hormones and their application to
human disease. The limited attendance policy coupled with highly
successful poster sessions, in which both younger scientists and senior
investigators present their unpublished work, provides a highly favorable
forum for an exchange of ideas. The Gordon Conference Foundation provides
substantial support for these conferences, but cannot provide sufficient
funds to cover a number of major expenses of the conference. Therefore,
support from the National Institutes of Health is critical to the
continuing success of the conference.
Effective start/end date8/1/937/31/94


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