AccrualNet: Addressing low accrual via a knowledge-based, community of practice platform

Holly A. Massett, Linda K. Parreco, Rose Mary Padberg, Ellen S. Richmond, Marie E. Rienzo, Colleen E. Ryan Leonard, Whitney Quesenbery, H. William Killiam, Lenora E. Johnson, David M. Dilts

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Purpose: Present the design and initial evaluation of a unique, Web-enabled platform for the development of a community of practice around issues of oncology clinical trial accrual. Methods: The National Cancer Institute (NCI) conducted research with oncology professionals to identify unmet clinical trial accrual needs in the field. In response, a comprehensive platform for accrual resources, AccrualNet, was created by using an agile development process, storyboarding, and user testing. Literature and resource searches identified relevant content to populate the site. Descriptive statistics were tracked for resource and site usage. Use cases were defined to support implementation. Results: AccrualNet has five levels: (1) clinical trial macrostages (prestudy, active study, and poststudy); (2) substages (developing a protocol, selecting a trial, preparing to open, enrolling patients, managing the trial, retaining participants, and lessons learned); (3) strategies for each substage; (4) multiple activities for each strategy; and (5) multiple resources for each activity. Since its launch, AccrualNet has had more than 45,000 page views, with the Tools & Resources, Conversations, and Training sections being the most viewed. Total resources have increased 69%, to 496 items. Analysis of articles in the site reveals that 22% are from two journals and 46% of the journals supplied a single article. To date, there are 29 conversations with 43 posts. Four use cases are discussed. Conclusion: AccrualNet represents a unique, centralized comprehensive-solution platform to systematically capture accrual knowledge for all stages of a clinical trial. It is designed to foster a community of practice by encouraging users to share additional strategies, resources, and ideas.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)e32-e39
JournalJournal of oncology practice
Issue number6
StatePublished - Nov 2011
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