‘Adulting’ with IBD: Efficacy of a novel virtual transition workshop for pediatric inflammatory bowel disease

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Purpose: The rising prevalence of IBD in children corresponds with a need for patient education on transition to adult care. The objective of this study was to design, implement and evaluate a novel transitions program for adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and their parents, and to assess the impact of this program on transition readiness skills, self-efficacy and participant satisfaction. Design and methods: Sixteen adolescent-parent dyads participated in the virtual transition workshop. Workshop programming was designed utilizing a biopsychosocial and multidisciplinary approach to IBD management and engagement with healthcare resources. The impact of the workshop was measured utilizing validated self- and parent-report measures of transition readiness (TRAQ), self-efficacy (IBD-SES), depression (PHQ8) and anxiety (GAD7). Results: Over 60% of participants found the workshop helpful and 92% would recommend it to other teens with IBD. The average adolescent transition readiness score (TRAQ) significantly increased by 5.00 points following the workshop (SD = 7.49, p = 0.04), while total parent scores increased by 10.55 points (SD = 11.15, p = 0.011). As was expected, this demonstrates increased transition readiness skills. The average total adolescent IBD-SES score decreased by 6.75 (SD = 8.95, p = 0.024). Conclusion: This novel transition program resulted in increased participant transition readiness, as reported by adolescent and parents, indicating the workshop's utility in promoting tangible skill development. Self-efficacy scores did not increase; self-efficacy is a delayed measure of program success and is tied to disease status and other stressors which also changed across time points. Practice implications: Future directions include continuing the virtual program for increased participation and dissemination, integrating feedback and increasing interdisciplinary involvement.

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JournalJournal of pediatric nursing
StatePublished - Sep 1 2021


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