Association of parent influenza vaccination and early childhood vaccinations using linked electronic health record data

Jorge Kaufmann, Jennifer E. DeVoe, Heather Angier, Laura Moreno, Viviane Cahen, Miguel Marino

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Introduction: Parent and child vaccination behavior is related for human papillomavirus (HPV) and flu vaccine. Thus, it is likely that parental vaccination status is also associated with their children's adherence to guideline-concordant childhood vaccination schedules. We hypothesized that parent influenza (flu) vaccination would be associated with their child's vaccination status at age two. Methods: We used electronic health record data to identify children and linked parents seen in a community health center (CHC) within the OCHIN network (292 CHCs in 16 states). We randomly selected a child aged <2 years with ≥1 ambulatory visit between 2009-2018. Employing a retrospective, cohort study design, we used general estimating equations logistic regression to estimate the odds of a child being up-to-date on vaccinations based on their linked parents’ flu vaccination status. We adjusted for relevant parent and child covariates and stratified by mother only, father only, and two-parent samples. Results: The study included 40,007 family-units: mother only = 35,444, father only = 2,784, and two parents = 1,779. A higher percentage of children were fully vaccinated if their parent or parents received a flu vaccine. Children in the two-parent sample whose parents both received a flu vaccine had more than twice the odds of being fully vaccinated, and two and a half times the odds of being fully vaccinated except flu vaccine compared to children with two parents who did not receive a flu vaccine (covariate-adjusted odds ratio [aOR] = 2.39, 95% CI = 1.67, 3.43 and aOR = 2.54, 95% CI = 1.54, 4.19, respectively). Conclusions: Parent flu vaccination is associated with routine child vaccination. Future research is needed to understand if this relationship persists over time and in different settings.

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Issue number49
StatePublished - Nov 22 2022


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