Atrial myxoma

John C. Bigelow, Rodney H. Herr, Albert Starr

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Five patients are reported, each with a successful resection of an atrial myxoma utilizing cardiopulmonary bypass. The 4 left atrial and 1 right atrial myxomas were all correctly diagnosed preoperatively. The most important aids in the diagnosis of the left atrial myxomas were left ventriculography and pulmonary arteriography. A venous angiogram is the safest way to demonstrate right atrial tumors. The use of an occlusive aortic clamp or elective electrical ventricular fibrillation decreases the risk of intraoperative tumor embolization. Four of the 5 patients are currently asymptomatic. The other patient has persisting significant mixed mitral and aortic valve disease and will require further valve surgery. All mitral valve surgery is performed on cardiopulmonary bypass, making the discovery of unsuspected atrial tumors a near certainty.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 1969

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