Availability of Pharmacist-Prescribed Contraception in Hawai'i

Hannah Collins-Doijode, Julia Oehlers, Jasmine Tyson, Maria Isabel Rodriguez, Bliss Kaneshiro

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In 2017, the state of Hawai'i passed Act 067 which allows trained pharmacists to prescribe hormonal contraceptives in an effort to expand access to contraception. The extent to which this policy has been implemented is not known. This study aimed to determine the proportion of Hawai'i pharmacies that currently provide pharmacist-prescribed hormonal contraceptives. In June 2020, a list of retail pharmacies was compiled using Google and Google Maps searches and pharmacy directories from major health insurance providers. Between June 23, 2020, and July 2, 2020, two trained interviewers called pharmacies and inquired about the availability of pharmacist-prescribed contraceptives using a "secret shopper" technique. Of the 175 pharmacies included in our analysis, 54 (31%) offered pharmacist-prescribed contraceptives. Kaua'i (40%) had the highest proportion of pharmacies offering pharmacist-prescribed contraceptives, followed by Maui (35%), O'ahu (30%), and Hawai'i Island (29%) (P=.88). Among pharmacies located in rural communities, 20 of 63 (32%) prescribed contraceptives, compared to 34 of 112 (30 %) pharmacies located in urban communities (P=.85). Of the 118 pharmacies that did not prescribe contraceptives and provided a reason for not doing so 33% cited lack of training and 28% lack of knowledge about Act 067. Thirty-one pharmacies provided information on the cost of pharmacist-prescribed contraceptives with 71% (22) stating that the patient would have to pay extra for the consultation (mean cost = $34.6, range $30-$45). Findings from this study can help inform future public health policies and implementation strategies aimed at improving contraceptive access in Hawai'i.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)218-222
Number of pages5
JournalHawai'i journal of health & social welfare
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 1 2022

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