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Bronchiectasis is a chronic suppurative respiratory disease of declining prevalence but continuing morbidity due to recurrent respiratory infections and bronchial bleeding. Literature was reviewed through a Medline search for the past 4 years. Almost all reports are retrospective case summaries. This review focuses on the clinical assessment, stressing the recognition of an impaired host and infectious contributions. High-resolution computed tomography has supplanted bronchography as a key diagnostic tool. Treatment includes prompt attention to acute bacterial infections, aerosol bronchodilators and inflammatory agents, and bronchial hygiene. The role of surgery has declined at least by the number of literature reports. Except for cures for local bronchiectasis, surgical resection is now used to palliate disease activity by removing the most affected segments and lobes.

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JournalSeminars in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
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StatePublished - Apr 1995

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