Collaborative interdisciplinary bioethical decision making in intensive care units.

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There is strong support in the literature for involvement of nurses with patients and physicians in bioethical decision making about patient care. There are indications that nurses and physicians have different beliefs about decisions made and about the decision-making processes, such as who should be involved and what factors should influence such decisions. The literature also demonstrates that nurses often disagree with physicians or are not involved in ethical decision making or both. Interdisciplinary collaboration has been proposed to improve decision making and recommended for health care giving generally. There is research support for the benefit of collaboration in care giving. Ethical principles also support collaborative decision making, involving nurses, as well as physicians, patients, and family. With collaboration there is sharing of information and perspectives, respect for patient and family autonomy, and disclosure. More studies of interdisciplinary bioethical decision making are needed, measuring both professions' perceptions of their roles in ethical decision making, as well as examining the effects of collaboration on care outcomes.

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