Hybrid Repair of an Iatrogenic Left Subclavian Artery Injury: A Case Report

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We present the case of an iatrogenic injury to the left subclavian artery during placement of a port for chemotherapy. The artery was inadvertently accessed at its infraclavicular position, and then was perforated centrally, entering the mediastinum at the origin of the left vertebral artery. Given that the patient's posterior circulation was largely dependent on the left vertebral artery, it could not be sacrificed. To preserve her left vertebral artery and to avoid the need for a sternotomy, which would more substantially delay initiation of chemotherapy, we elected to perform a hybrid repair: an open left carotid to vertebral artery bypass with reversed great saphenous vein followed by repair of the proximal left subclavian injury with a covered stent graft, which was delivered via the left axillary artery. The patient recovered uneventfully. This case demonstrates a hybrid open and endovascular repair for a complex iatrogenic arterial injury. We were able to obtain a desirable outcome by careful assessment of the anatomic particulars of her injury and the technical constraints in proposed methods of repair, all in the context of the patient's overall goals of care.

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JournalAnnals of Vascular Surgery
StatePublished - Aug 2020

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