Hypothalamic areas involved in prostaglandin(pg)-induced gonadotropin release. II: Effects of PGE2 and PGF implants on follicle stimulating hormone release

S. R. Ojeda, H. E. Jameson, S. M. McCann

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The effect of unilateral intrahypotha-lamic implants of PGE2 or PGF on FSH release i n ovariectomized, estrogen-treated rats was studied. Both PGs induced an equally small increase in plasma FSH following their implantation in the body of the arcuate nucleus-median eminence region (BARH-ME). Levels were maximally elevated 120 min post-implantation. PGE2 implanted in the caudal portion of the ARH-ME (TARH-post-ME) also induced a similar increase in plasma FSH, whereas its placement in the region of the ventromedial nucleus (VMH)-dorsomedial nucleus (DMH) did not significantly alter FSH titers. By contrast, PGE2 placed i n the post-chiasmatic region (HARH-ME) clearly elevated plasma FSH as early as 40 min after implantation. Implants of PGF in this area were ineffective. PGE2 implants located more than 1 mm lateral from the midline or outside the hypothalamus were also ineffective. When PGE2 was. placed in the preoptic area (POA) or anterior ventral portion of the anterior hypothalamic area (AHA), plasma FSH rose markedly showing the first significant increase between 40 and 60 min after implantation. PGE2 implants located in the dorsal portion of the AHA-paraventricular nucleus (DAHA-PVH) were also clearly more effective than implants in BARH-ME, but less effective than implants in the POA. PGF implanted in the POA evoked a smaller increase in plasma FSH than that induced by PGE2 implants in this region. Implantation of empty cannulae in the ARH-ME region or POA failed to increase plasma FSH levels significantly. Intrapituitary implants of PGE2 did not alter plasma FSH. The results indicate that PGE2acts mainly on the POA-AHA region to induce FSH release and that PGF, although less effective, also stimulates FSH release ni this area. The ARH-ME appears to be a less important site. The greater effectiveness in the POA-AHA region than in the ARH-ME may indicate that PGE2 is more effective in stimulating cell bodies of LHRH neurons than their axons. Although most of the sites at which PGE2 released FSH coincide with the distribution of LHRH, it is noteworthy that a relatively enhanced release of FSH took place from certain sites in the dorsal AHA-PVH and from sites in the post-ME, which suggests that (PGE2 may act on neurons which secrete a specific FSH-RF as well as on neurons which release LHRH.

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StatePublished - Jun 1977
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