Introduction to and outcomes of the conference on adhesion in dentistry

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The Academy of Dental Materials, titled 'Adhesion in Dentistry Analyzing Bond Strength Testing Methods, Variables and Outcomes' held its annual meeting in Portland, Oregon, USA, on October 29 31, 2009, attracted several visitors. The three day conference was highlighted by nine invited speakers addressing topics in the following thematic areas. These areas included Adhesion Tests: The Science and the Testing Variables, Adhesion Tests: The Test Methods Attributes and Limitations; and Adhesion Tests: The Relationships and Outcomes. The overall goal of this three half-days conference was to provide a critical assessment of the various test methods used primarily for dentin and enamel bonding studies in order to identify general trends, important variables to be considered, and their relation to outcomes. It was suggested that a working group be established with a defined timeline for developing and/or identifying a standard test material/substrate combination and testing conditions.

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