Joint effects of natural selection and recombination on gene flow between Drosophila ananassae populations

Ying Chen, Brenda J. Marsh, Wolfgang Stephan

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We estimated DNA sequence variation in a 5.7-kb fragment of the furrowed (fw) gene region within and between four populations of Drosophila ananassae; fw is located in a chromosomal region of very low recombination. We analyzed gene flow between these four populations along a latitudinal transect on the Indian subcontinent: two populations from southern, subtropical areas (Hyderabad, India, and Sri Lanka) and two from more temperate zones in the north (Nepal and Burma). Furthermore, we compared the pattern of differentiation at fw with published data from Om(1D), a gene located in a region of normal recombination. While differentiation at Om(1D) shows an isolation-by-distance effect, at fw the pattern of differentiation is quite different such that the frequencies of single nucleotide polymorphisms are homogenized over extended geographic regions (i.e., among the two populations of the northern species range from Burma and Nepal as well as among the two southern populations from India and Sri Lanka), but strongly differentiated between the northern and southern populations. To examine these differences in the patterns of variation and differentiation between the Om(1D) and fw gene regions, we determine the critical values of our previously proposed test of the background selection hypothesis (henceforth called F(ST) test). Using these results, we show that the pattern of differentiation at fw may be inconsistent with the background selection model. The data depart from this model in a direction that is compatible with the occurrence of recent selective sweeps in the northern as well as southern populations.

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Number of pages10
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jul 2000
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