Multiscale light-sheet for rapid imaging of cardiopulmonary system

Yichen Ding, Jianguo Ma, Adam D. Langenbacher, Kyung In Baek, Juhyun Lee, Chih Chiang Chang, Jeffrey J. Hsu, Rajan P. Kulkarni, John Belperio, Wei Shi, Sara Ranjbarvaziri, Reza Ardehali, Yin Tintut, Linda L. Demer, Jau Nian Chen, Peng Fei, René R.Sevag Packard, Tzung K. Hsiai

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The ability to image tissue morphogenesis in real-time and in 3-dimensions (3-D) remains an optical challenge. The advent of light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) has advanced developmental biology and tissue regeneration research. In this review, we introduce a LSFM system in which the illumination lens reshapes a thin light-sheet to rapidly scan across a sample of interest while the detection lens orthogonally collects the imaging data. This multiscale strategy provides deep-tissue penetration, high-spatiotemporal resolution, and minimal photobleaching and phototoxicity, allowing in vivo visualization of a variety of tissues and processes, ranging from developing hearts in live zebrafish embryos to ex vivo interrogation of the microarchitecture of optically cleared neonatal hearts. Here, we highlight multiple applications of LSFM and discuss several studies that have allowed better characterization of developmental and pathological processes in multiple models and tissues. These findings demonstrate the capacity of multiscale light-sheet imaging to uncover cardiovascular developmental and regenerative phenomena.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJCI Insight
Issue number16
StatePublished - Aug 23 2018
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