Partial purification of MS specific brain antigens

S. C. Rastogi, J. Clausen, H. Offner, G. Konat, T. Fog

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The present study was devoted to an immunochemical elucidation of antigenic similarities and differences between cytoplasmic and microsomal fractions of six multiple sclerosis (MS) and seven non‐MS brain autopsy specimens. The antigenic composition of the samples studied was traced by crossed immunoelectrophoresis using antibodies made by immunization of rabbits with the corresponding fraction. The following data were obtained: .A measles antigen (defined as an antigen formed in vero cells during measles infection) and two specific antigens have been purified more than 3000‐fold from MS brains by means of molecular filtration and DEAE cellulose chromatography. .All three antigens have a molecular weight between 105–106 daltons and isoelectric points between 3.5–6.0. .Measles antigen has also been found in three out of seven non‐MS brains, however, it did not stimulate antibody formation in rabbits in contrast to measles antigen of MS brain. The significance of the above‐mentioned data is discussed in view of the immunological abnormalities previously found in MS patients. It cannot be excluded that the antigens found represents one or more viral antigens.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)281-296
Number of pages16
JournalActa Neurologica Scandinavica
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1979
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