Patient Satisfaction and Perceived Quality of Care with Telemedicine in a Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic

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Introduction: The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic necessitated a shift to telemedicine for many clinics. This study aimed to better understand patient perception regarding telemedicine visits in a pediatric subspecialty clinic and to describe differences in management provided virtually versus in-person. Materials and Methods: This survey study and chart review was conducted at the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital gastroenterology outreach clinics from May to June, 2020. The main hospital is located in Portland, Oregon, with the outreach clinics located in Salem, Eugene, and Medford, Oregon. Families were surveyed within 2 weeks of their visit, with a 6-month follow up survey. Results: There were 111 respondents to the initial survey (34% response rate). The majority of patients had initial positive impressions of telemedicine, with 75% feeling that the quality of telemedicine visits were as good as or better than in-person visits. At 6 months, there were 80 respondents (34% response rate), and this positive impression persisted with 72% of families reporting no negatives from their telemedicine experience. New patients seen via telemedicine were prescribed medications more frequently than those seen in-person (73% versus 45%, p = 0.02). Discussion: Patients and families felt the benefits of telemedicine visits outweighed the limitations both initially and at 6-month follow up. Telemedicine offers an effective alternative for pediatric subspecialty care especially for select conditions and follow up visits. However, the more frequent prescriptions could reflect the adaptation of clinical practice with the telemedicine platform, and further studies are needed.

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