Primary vesicoureteral reflux in the black child

S. J. Skoog, A. B. Belman

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Primary vesicoureteral reflux is a polygenic abnormality due to a deficiency of the ureterovesical junction which allows urine in the bladder to ascend into the ureter and kidney. Fifty-one black children with primary vesicoureteral reflux were evaluated and treated at Children's Hospital from 1976 to 1986. The results of the evaluation and treatment were compared with those of 493 white patients with primary vesicoureteral reflux seen during the same time interval. The general approach to management was nonsurgical. There were no radical differences in the mode of presentation, age at presentation, and age at resolution. The distribution of reflux by maximum grade was not affected by race. Overall, 19 (37%) black children experienced spontaneous resolution of reflux. The mean duration of reflux in black children who had spontaneous resolution was 14.6 months. This duration was statistically significantly shorter than that in white patients with spontaneous resolution of vesicoureteral reflux (P < .005). Surgical correction was believed to be required in 8 (16%) patients and 8 (16%) were lost to follow-up. Renal scarring demonstrated by intravenous pyelogram or renal scan was initially present in 12 (23%) black patients compared with 65 (13%) white patients. This was due to a higher percentage of renal scarring in black girls which was not explained by distribution of grades of reflux. There was no progression of scarring in our black patients, whereas 3 (0.6%) white patients had progression of scarring. Although vesicoureteral reflux is rarely seen in black patients (9% of series), it has similar demographic features. Renal scarring is more frequent in black girls, but one can anticipate a faster rate of spontaneous resolution than in the white population.

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StatePublished - 1991
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  • black children
  • primary vesicoureteral reflux
  • renal scarring

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