Prostatic occurrence of transitional cellcarcinoma after intravesical chemotherapy

Michael J. Lemmers, Eugene F. Fuchs, Thomas R. Hatch, Bruce A. Lowe

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Thirteen patients with Stage Tis, Ta, or T1 transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of thebladder treated by transurethral resections and intravesical chemotherapy developed TCC of the prostate. Among the 13 cases, cytology specimens were obtained from 10 at the time prostatic disease was diagnosed; 9 demonstrated TCC. One was treated successfully by transurethral resection of a Ta lesion involving the prostatic urethra only. One of 2 patients declining radical surgery is alive with residual disease at twenty-four months, and the other died of progressive disease at nineteen months. Of the 10 patients who underwent radical eystoprostatectomy, 7 are alive with no evidence of disease eight to forty-two months postoperatively, with 2 of these 7 having received 4 courses of systemic methotrexate, vincristine, Adriamyein, and cisplatinum (MVAC) for metastatic disease. Two of the 10 died of metastatie disease six and thirteen months postoperatively, and one frail patient died of surgical complications. When treating patients with intravesical chemotherapy for superficial TCC, biopsy of the prostate should be done during follow-up examinations, especially in the presence of cytologic or palpable prostatic abnormalities.

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StatePublished - May 1991
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