Quantitation of myocardial perfusion with contrast echocardiography

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The principal focus of this review was to discuss the issues relating to the quantitation of myocardial perfusion using MCE. In its current form, this technique can provide important physiological information in the cardiac catheterization laboratory, the operating room, as well as the experimental laboratory. Standardization of echo contrast agents, echo equipment, and algorithms for image analysis will make it a truly quantitative technique in the near future. Left ventricular cavity opacification is now possible following venous injection of contrast. Preliminary data suggest that myocardial opacification may also be possible using this approach. Therefore, MCE may offer the unique opportunity of simultaneously assessing regional myocardial flow and function in humans and may provide a better understanding of regional flow-function relationships in various ischemic syndromes. The clinical value of this technique will be better defined as it becomes available for general clinical use.

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JournalAmerican Journal of Cardiac Imaging
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StatePublished - 1991
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