Survey of resident physician and attending physician feedback perceptions: There is still work to be done

Tamar Hajar, Karolyn A. Wanat, Nicole Fett

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Feedback is essential for resident physician (RP) personal and professional growth. The goal of this study was to explore RP and attending physician (AP) perceptions of feedback. Two online surveys (one for RPs and one for APs) were distributed. One hundred twenty two responses were received, of which 67 were RPs and 55 were APs. Although the majority of RP and AP agree that feedback is essential for resident formation, there was a statistical difference between these groups, P=0.04 (RPs 91% versus APs 80%) with residents more likely to agree and strongly agree with this sentiment. Thirty one percent of APs report giving daily feedback, while only 9% of RPs report receiving daily feedback. Resident physicians are more dissatisfied with the quality of the feedback (40%) rather than the amount of feedback (34%). When providing feedback to their AP only 33% of RP versus 83% of APs provide honest and balanced feedback (P<0.001). RPs desire feedback that is specific, prompt, private, personalized and face-to-face. This knowledge and skills gap presents an important opportunity to incorporate feedback training into residencies to ensure that the dermatologists of the future are not only medically competent, but also competent in providing feedback to future generations.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalDermatology Online Journal
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2019


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