The Oregon Dental Market A Case Study

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This case study examines changes taking place in the Oregon dental care system. Data were obtained from interviews with senior executives from several delivery organizations. Conducted by the senior author (HB), the summarized interviews were reviewed by informants. Oregon Medicaid enrollees now receive medical! dental care in capitated managed care organizations. Several dental group practices that provide care to privately and publicly insured patients are growing rapidly.The largest local dental insurer has diversified into other health products, including management services for affiliated dental practices. The Oregon dental market is undergoing a major reorganization: (a) large dental group practices are expanding and solo practices are declining; (b) all Medicaid patients receive their care in state-regulated Coordinated Care Organizations and their contracted Dental Care Organizations; and (c) more dental graduates are seeking employment in group practices. Longer term, the dental group practice companies are expected to undergo some consolidation.Two key features of the Oregon dental market are the growth of large dental group practices and the reorganization of the dental Medicaid system.

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JournalThe Journal of the American College of Dentists
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StatePublished - Mar 1 2016

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