Ultrasound-guided Pudendal Block Is a Viable Alternative to Caudal Block for Hypospadias Surgery: A Single-Surgeon Pilot Study

Sarah Hecht, Jorge Piñeda, Aaron Bayne

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Objective: To evaluate pudendal nerve block as an alternative to caudal block for hypospadias surgery. Methods: Data were obtained by chart review. Children who underwent hypospadias repair between 2012 and 2016 by a single surgeon at an academic institution were included. Patients received ultrasound-guided pudendal block (n = 21) or caudal block (n = 19) as a regional adjunct to general anesthesia. Primary outcomes included analgesic requirement and postoperative length of stay in the recovery unit. Results: The pudendal block cohort was slightly older (27.6 vs 18.5 months, P =.017) and had more severe hypospadias than the caudal block cohort (53% vs 35% proximal hypospadias, respectively). We detected no statistically significant difference in intraoperative opioid, postoperative opioid, or nonopioid analgesic requirement (17.9 vs 12.9 mcg fentanyl, P =.267; 0.3 vs 0.3 doses, P =.92; 0.2 vs 0.1 doses, P =.46, respectively). Postoperative length of stay was significantly shorter in the pudendal block cohort (96 vs 128 minutes, P =.016). Discussion: We are the first to report the use of ultrasound-guided pudendal block for hypospadias repair. This appears to be a safe and effective alternative to caudal block with no perioperative delays. Pudendal block has several advantages over caudal block. It avoids the risks of urinary retention and lower extremity weakness and can be administered to older patients and children with spinal anomalies. Conclusion: Compared with caudal block, ultrasound-guided pudendal nerve block is safe, provides equivalent pain control for hypospadias repair, and results in a shorter time to discharge.

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StatePublished - Mar 2018

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