T. H. Shawker, B. Garra, J. Levine, G. B. Cutler, D. L. Loriaux

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Turner's syndrome refers to a cluster of physical abnormalities present in young females with primary amenorrhea. Typically, these individuals have 45X0 chromosomes rather than the normal female 46XX and are said to have absent or fibrous 'streak' ovaries. It is concluded that 15 phenotypic females (9. 3-20. 8 yrs. ) with varying degrees of Turner's stigmata and X chromosome abnormalities were examined. All were below the 3rd percentile in height and had low serum estradiol levels. Pelvic ultrasound therefore should be employed in the investigation of individuals with known or suspected Turner's syndrome or one of the variants of gonadal dysgenesis. The combination of delayed puberty, primary amenorrhea, and short stature should suggest Turner's syndrome, particularly when pelvic ultrasound fails to reveal ovaries.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 1984
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