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Dementia is a devastating diagnosis for patients. Dementia comes in many forms that can be hard to differentiate. Arriving at an accurate diagnosis without subjecting an already wary patient to unnecessary tests requires clinical acumen. Identifying the correct dementia, and determining a probable prognosis, allows agreement on appropriate management and care with patients and their carers. But how much testing is needed? What do the tests tell you? What management options are available?. Dementia provides a progressive approach to help you identify and manage the many forms of this complex and devastating disease. Dr Quinn has assembled a team of expert neurologists and gerontologists to provide the foundation knowledge you need to develop the clinical wisdom for effective dementia care. Dementia clearly explains the diagnosis, investigations and management for. Normal pressure hydrocephalus. Mild cognitive impairment. Alzheimer's disease. Vascular dementia. Dementia with Lewy bodies. Fronto-temporal dementia. Clinical in approach, practical in execution, Dementia helps you diagnose and treat your patients more effectively.

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