E. Elbing, S. J. McCarthy, D. F. Sangster, I. R. Wilson

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The reaction rate was determined dilatometrically at 50 degree C. The rate determining characteristics of the suspended phase were controlled by the addition of a well characterized polyacrylonitrile (P. A. N. ) seed latex. Comparison of studies involving free radical initiation by gamma -irradiation and by thermal decomposition of potassium peroxodisulphate (K//2S//2O//8) enabled direct determination of the important kinetic parameters. The design of the experiments enables treatment of the system as a Stage 3 Emulsion Polymerization (the stage in the reaction where the monomer droplets are no longer present). The chemically initiated studies indicate that the average number of free radicals per particle (n OVER BAR ) greater than one-half and that the bimolecular termination coefficient is very small. A stationary state occurs early in the reactions and extends for a significant extent of reaction.

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PublisherRoyal Australian Chemical Inst, Polymer Div
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ISBN (Print)0909589437
StatePublished - 1985
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