Hopes and concerns of a first‐year medical school class


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Summary. To assess the hopes and concerns of first‐year medical students, the 1991 Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) Medical School class was surveyed during orientation. Using qualitative research methods, student responses were grouped into general categories. The most common ‘hopes’ were to provide personal care and develop relationships with patients, to attain self‐fulfilment, and to enjoy the personal challenge and variety of medicine. Common ‘concerns’ were family issues, outside intervention into medicine, and loss of self. The hopes and concerns of this class revolve primarily around personal issues, rather than issues relating to their local community or to society. This information may be useful in student counselling and curriculum development. Further research is necessary to evaluate changes in this class's attitudes over time. The methodology of this study may be useful in the evaluation of the attitudes of subsequent first‐year medical school classes at OHSU, and at other institutions. 1993 Blackwell Publishing

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