Measurement and comparison of bracket transfer accuracy of five indirect bonding techniques

Ana E. Castilla, Jennifer Crowe, J. Ryan Moses, Mansen Wang, Jack L. Ferracane, David Covell

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Objective: To measure and compare bracket transfer accuracy of five indirect bonding (IDB) techniques. Materials and Methods: Five IDB techniques were studied: double polyvinyl siloxane (double- PVS), double vacuum-form (double-VF), polyvinyl siloxane vacuum-form (PVS-VF), polyvinyl siloxane putty (PVS-putty), and single vacuum-form (single-VF). Brackets were bonded on 25 identical stone working models. IDB trays were fabricated over working models (n 5 5 per technique) to transfer brackets to another 25 identical stone patient models. The mesiodistal (M-D), occlusogingival (O-G), and faciolingual (F-L) positions of each bracket were measured on the working and patient models using digital photography (M-D, O-G) and calipers (F-L). Paired t-tests were used to compare bracket positions between working and patient models, and analysis of variance was used to compare bracket transfer accuracy among the five techniques. Results: Between the working and patient models, double-VF had the most teeth with significant differences (n 5 6) and PVS-VF the fewest (n 5 1; P , .05). With one exception, all significant differences were #0.26 mm and most (65%) were #0.13 mm. When the techniques were compared, bracket transfer accuracy was similar for double-PVS, PVS-putty, and PVS-VF, whereas double-VF and single-VF showed significantly less accuracy in the O-G direction. Conclusions: Although overall differences in bracket position were relatively small, silicone-based trays had consistently high accuracy in transferring brackets, whereas methods that exclusively used vacuum-formed trays were less consistent. (Angle Orthod. 2014;84:607-614.)

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)607-614
Number of pages8
JournalAngle Orthodontist
Issue number4
StatePublished - Jul 2014


  • Bracket bonding accuracy
  • Indirect bonding

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