Phacoemulsification and silicone oil removal through a single corneal incision

Genevieve B. Larkin, Christina J. Flaxel, Peter K. Leaver

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Objective: Cataracts are a frequent complication after silicone oil infusion for the repair of complicated retinal detachments, occurring in up to 100% of eyes retaining silicone oil for 6 months or more. The authors devised a combined procedure for cataract and silicone oil removal with intraocular lens (IOL) implantation through a single corneal incision and evaluated their results. Design: A prospective, noncomparative case series. Participants: Thirty-four eyes of 34 consecutive patients with a history of retinal detachment repair requiring silicone oil placement in whom a clinically significant cataract subsequently developed were identified when removal of silicone oil was scheduled. Intervention: All 34 eyes were prospectively entered into a study to evaluate the efficacy and potential complications of a combined procedure for cataract and silicone oil removal with posterior chamber lens implantation. All patients underwent uncomplicated phacoemulsification removal of cataract followed by removal of silicone oil and placement of an IOL through a single corneal incision. Main Outcome Measure: Recurrent retinal detachment and IOL-related complications were measured. Results: Ten eyes had recurrent retinal detachments develop. Final visual acuity ranged from 6/12 to hand movements with 25 eyes (74%) showing stabilized or improved vision. Pre-existing macular pathology and recurrent retinal detachment generally were responsible for poor visual outcome. Conclusions: Combined phacoemulsification, IOL implant with silicone oil removal is a useful procedure in these complicated eyes. Visual outcome generally is good with improvement in visual acuity, even with recurrent retinal detachment or pre-existing macular pathology or both.

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Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1 1998
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