Promoting Inclusion of Disabled Nursing Faculty

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BACKGROUND: Disabled nursing faculty make important contributions, yet little information is available about this group. PROBLEM: Although information specifically about disabled nursing faculty is limited, available evidence and related literature point to a need for disability inclusive policy and practice in nursing academe. APPROACH: The authors gathered available information to inform development of 10 recommendations for change using universal design as a guiding framework. Universal design is development of an environment usable by all people to the greatest extent possible. OUTCOMES: The article includes 10 recommendations to promote inclusion of disabled faculty in nursing academe. Although disabled faculty are the focus, these recommendations have the potential to benefit all faculty. CONCLUSIONS: Implementing the recommendations may be challenging and will look different across schools. Nevertheless, such change is necessary to counteract exclusionary practices that impact disabled nursing faculty and promote inclusion of this important and underrepresented group.

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JournalNurse Educator
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2022

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