Properties of a glass-ionomer/resin-composite hybrid material

R. S. Mathis, J. L. Ferracane

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A small percentage of the liquid resin used in commercial dental composites was added to the liquid used in a commercial glass-ionomer restorative in order to produce a fluoride-containing hybrid restorative-type material that would adhere to dentin while being stronger, less brittle, and less sensitive to desiccation in the oral cavity than glass ionomer. Compressive strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, fracture toughness, and tensile strength were analyzed for this hybrid, light-curved material. In addition, the solubility in water, adhesion to dentin, and surface roughness were also examined in vitro. The results suggest that the early (one-hour) mechanical properties of the hybrid material exceed those of glass ionomer. In addition, the brittleness and solubility of the material are less than those of commercial glass ionomer, while adhesion to dentin is unaffected. Most importantly, surface crazing, a documented problem with some glass ionomers when they become desiccated, is alleviated with this hybrid formulation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)355-358
Number of pages4
JournalDental Materials
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 1989

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